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Excel Export: Enable real-time Master Plan insights


The Excel export feature enables one to generate a document which includes all qualitative and quantitative information you have access to.

This information is available for the entity you are currently navigating on as well as for all underlying entities. It is available under a “masterplan” format.

This document is an easily actionable, business-oriented export.

Generate your specific version of the Master Plan

 How can I generate a new version of my master plan ?

In the “vizualisation” tab, of the entity, an Excel export module is available.

  1. Click on the button “generate a new report”.

  2. Download it. You can also download previous versions of the reports thanks to the history.

In this Excel file, the following information is available:

  • A first sheet containing the qualitative information of your entity (“level name Properties”).

  • A second sheet containing the quantitative information collected in the scorecard of this entity (provided that the scorecard is active and used for this entity)

  • In the following sheets, you will find the qualitative and quantitative information for associated sub-entities at every level in a similar way.

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