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"Date" information type

Create a “date” information type

  1. Click on button ”Create qualitative information”.

  2. Add a technical name and a display name

  3. Select the "date" type from the drop-down list.

  4. Select the visibility "for all" (with exceptions)

  5. Select a section in which the property will be displayed

  6. Select the update behavior:

    1. No validation required: if there is no need to go through a validation cycle to update the piece of information.

    2. Validation required: if it has been deemed necessary to go through a validation cycle by an approver before effectively updating the information.

    3. Admin Only: Updates only possible by administrators.

  7. Add a description that will be visible in the (info) property section.

  8. If this property must be filled in when creating an entity, then check the "mandatory" box.

  9. Click on “submit”

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