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proPilot 4.9.0

proPilot 4.9.0 is here, welcome to an even more powerful experience!

Let's explore together the new features that will allow you to reconnect strategy with achievements!



Your indicators now support change requests and validations: Adapt your monitoring in a centralized and dynamic way.

Data control is strengthened for your organization, thanks to the change requests for indicators:

  • You can now configure indicators that require a manager's validation to effectively update the values.

  • Validation can be configured with maximum granularity - by indicator, by data type (budget, actual, etc.), and/or by status in the initiative's life cycle.

  • Validators and data managers benefit from an optimized interface to identify values subject to validation and submit their requests in just a few seconds.

Screenshot scorecard ENG 1.png
Screenshot gestionnaire de taches ENG 2.png

Filter your initiatives based on the manager in the visualization dashboards.

  • Now, information dashboards can be filtered by user more easily.

    This provides you with an individualized view of the initiatives to measure progress and the information that matters to you.

Screenshot suivi des responsables ENG 3 modifié.png
  • From now on, you can easily insert and edit hyperlinks that point to web addresses directly within text-type information.

  • You can link hyperlinks to texts using a new dedicated function.

A new icon library is now available.

You have access to a new selection of icons for your information and KPIs. The possibilities for configuring your workspaces are greatly expanded.

You may need to update certain specifically configured indicators. To do this, check your unit management interface and adapt the icons marked as "deprecated". To learn more:

There's a lot of movement... Multiple improvements are made with each version update!

  • The loading time for workspace pages has been optimized.

  • The performance of searching for entities in the workspace has been improved.

  • Graphical visualizations are now more modular with the ability to hide non-relevant filters.

  • The translation of error notifications has been improved.

Remember, for optimal translation, please select the language in your global administration space. More information available here:

  • The lifecycle status is now available in the preview of child entities.

  • Improved interface for creating and editing indicators.

  • Implementation of warning pop-ups when an indicator configuration change involves the deletion of existing data.

  • Improved management of entities requiring a creation request.

  • Corrections made in the audit tables on attributing actions carried out in the context of logging in as another user.

  • Optimization of password requirement visibility during its reset.

  • Improved display of custom tiles in the configuration of "homepage" type visualizations.

  • Improved behavior of the multi-selector in the task manager interface.

Visit proPilot to discover all these new features!

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