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proPilot 4.7.0

proPilot 4.7.0 is now available, and we welcome you to an even more powerful experience!

Let's discover together the new features that will help you reconnect your strategy with your achievements!


Bulk import has been improved with better data quality control!

  • When creating new entities through bulk import, the "entity name" and "entity code" columns are now available by default.

  • Error message management has been improved when the integrated file has the wrong structure or was not generated by proPilot.

A new event type is now available in the event manager "webhook" section.

  • When a user is assigned to an instance from the global administration interface, a new event in the form of a webhook is generated.

There are many changes... Multiple improvements are made with each version upgrade!

  • Rights management has been improved for local administrators with the integration of interdependent rights to facilitate proPilot configuration.

  • Change requests for text-type information can now be activated.

  • Navigation in the left sidebar in the workspace is automatically updated when navigating using entity visualization at lower levels.

➡️ Head over to proPilot to discover all these new features!

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