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proPilot 4.5.0

proPilot 4.5.0 is launched, welcome to an even more efficient experience!

Let's discover together the new features that will help you reconnect strategy and achievements!

Massive imports are evolving, input data quality control is improving!

  • Controls on the structure of import files are improving and explanations are more explicit.

  • Controls on auto-calculated indicators now report anomalies.

  • Controls on users during mass imports are more effective.

  • Controls now take into account minimum and maximum values.

  • During entity creation, you can automatically feed the massive import files with parent entities.

  • In the history, the consideration of old values before a massive import is improving.

  • In the data catalog, information on technical name and display name is available for both.

And that's not all! Many improvements are brought with each version update!

  • Entities created in the workspace are displayed immediately in the assignments on the homepage.

  • Updating the password for a user in their profile is possible if errors were encountered.

  • In the indicator table, when there are no multiple currencies configured, the selector no longer appears.

  • It is now possible to edit a user who had not yet initialized their account following a migration from proPilot 1.3 to 1.4.

Visit proPilot to discover all these new features!

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