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proPilot 4.2.0

proPilot 4.2.0 is available, welcome to an even more powerful experience!

Let's discover together the new features that will allow you to reconnect strategy with achievements!

User management is now even easier

proPilot now allows an administrator to download the list of users and user groups.

Downloads are available based on the scope: either instance by instance, or globally!

In addition to the dynamic management already present in proPilot, you can now use user lists outside of the tool.

Your scorecard is even more powerful

Do fewer clicks and benefit from a more dynamic view than before! The current date is now the default date so you can see your most relevant data directly.

The performance of the scorecard has been optimized to allow for the collection of a large number of indicators. Several hundred? No problem!

Your bulk import module benefits from new features

  • Navigation within the bulk import module is smoother.

  • In the entity selector, now search for entities in a new search bar.

  • In the entity selector, select all entities in one click.

Visualizing your data

  • Some visuals have been improved in the workspace visualization module.

  • Bugs have been fixed in the workspace visualization.

  • Bugs have been fixed in the administration dashboard.

The proPilot homepage and navigation see their performance improved

In navigation, the performance of the search bar has been greatly improved: it is now four times faster than before.

Homepage improvements

  • The homepage has been improved to enhance compatibility with smartphones and tablets.

  • In the homepage, the search bar for filtering by entity has been improved.

Improvements in webhook event management

  • Benefit from a new button that allows the administrator to resend webhooks that are not yet in "success" status.

  • Additional information in the event manager with the parent reference is available for entity creation.

  • The interface displaying webhook details has been improved.

And there's a lot going on behind the scenes... Multiple additional improvements are being made!

  • The task manager now takes you directly to the relevant indicator table during update periods.

  • Technical improvements with improved performance overall in proPilot.

Visit proPilot to discover all these new features!

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