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proPilot 4.11.0

proPilot 4.11.0 is here, welcome to an even more powerful experience!

Let's explore together the new features that will allow you to reconnect strategy with achievements!


The proPilot interface dynamically adapts to the content to be displayed

Blank pages will never be boring again. On the various pages of the application, enjoy an optimized display with personalized messages and icons for an improved user experience.

Empty message - Eng (1).png

There are many changes happening... Multiple improvements are made with each version release!

  • It is now possible to force the deletion of units used for operational KPIs!

  • Improved robustness of workspace navigation.

  • Improved entity creation and move for users.

  • Improvements to the validation of change requests for indicators.

  • Improvements to the display of homepage visualizations.

  • Fixes made to the instance administration interface.

  • Optimization of the interface for creating and modifying scorecard in the instance administration. In particular, you now have a view of the name of the scorecards that you are updating.

  • The security of your proPilot is our priority : you are navigating using the latest versions available!

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