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proPilot 4.10.0

proPilot 4.10.0 is here, welcome to an even more powerful experience!

Let's explore together the new features that will allow you to reconnect strategy with achievements!

Enhanced License Management in proPilot Global Administration Interface

You now have access to a comprehensive view of your proPilot license status directly from the global administration interface. Easily access your contractual information and plan ahead for your license renewal with our integrated license management system, specifically designed for dedicated installations.

  • License Expiry Visualization Module: Administrators can now check the expiry date of their proPilot license using a dedicated module, ensuring you stay informed about your license status.

  • License Expiry Reminder: Administrators will now receive reminders several days before the license expires, with a customized message displayed on the proPilot home page, keeping you ahead of renewal deadlines.

  • Simplified License Key Renewal: Administrators can effortlessly renew their license key directly from the interface by uploading the new license key, streamlining the renewal process.

interface ENG 1.png

Continual Enhancements with Each Release:

  • Optimized Bulk Import: The bulk import feature has been enhanced with improved rights separation for the integration of values related to indicators, ensuring more precise data management.

  • Refined Task Management: The task manager has been upgraded with better validation management, offering a more efficient and controlled workflow.

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