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proPilot 4.1.0

Your new proPilot is launched, welcome to a whole new experience!

Let's discover new features that will allow you to reconnect the strategy to reality!

A better consideration of units.

From now on, proPilot allows you to use units for any type of indicators: operational, strategic, financial, non-financial, quantitative indicators tracked over time. You are in control!

🌱 Do you want to integrate environmental metrics such as the number of tons of CO2 emitted? It's possible!

⛽ Do you prefer to track the number of kilometers driven within your organization? Nothing could be easier!

💸 Do you want to track the financial impacts of your projects? Without difficulty, even with multiple exchange rates managed dynamically.

proPilot not only allows users to have a clear visibility of the unit of an indicator, but it now also allows for centralized and efficient management for application administrators.

Your new event management module communicates with your systems.

  • "Creating and updating users" is now part of the available events in the event manager through webhooks.

Your features have been improved

  • It is now possible to disable email notifications for entities that no longer require updates.

  • The user experience and performance of visualizations have been improved.

  • The integration of the user management module with Keycloak has been enhanced.

  • The navigation now allows users to better visualize their assignments.

  • Administrators are better guided when modifying settings for auto-calculated indicators.

  • The bulk import module now allows users to download value update templates even when no entity is selected.

Head over to proPilot to discover all these new features!

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